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Condominium Inspections

Scout Inspections, LLC is the MS Coast leader in

condominium inspections.














Just like a home inspection, everything will be inspected. This includes toilets, showers, and sinks, all appliances, stoves, fireplaces, dishwashers, microwaves, doors, windows, etc., garage door openers, locks, electrical outlets (polarity, grounding, etc. with electrical tester), open and inspect electrical panels, Heating and A/C and other

heat sources for heat distribution.


Scout Inspection encompasses the above mentioned items and all exterior components directly attached to your unit.

I will enter, if safely accessible, the attic, roof, and crawlspace, testing for a variety of concerns, not limited to moisture intrusion, pest activity, and a variety of safety hazards.


It is recommended reviewing the most current meeting minutes for the Home Owner Association and review the most current “Reserve Study” that was completed for the complex. Reserve studies are provided to give an

association insight on when components will need to be repaired/replaced. For example, a Reserve Study should tell you when the roof was last serviced, cleaned/sealed etc. depending on the material and when will there need to be a new roof installed. This information will give the home owner association the details to properly assess there fund reserves to see if there are properly collecting dues to pay for a new roof, driveway, etc.

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